The Top Financial Samurai Posts Of 2017

Best Financial Samurai posts for 2017Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Everyone!

The best thing about hard work is when it’s over. Once finished, you can basically sit back and enjoy all of the rewards if you wish. And if you hustle long enough, you might positively change your life forever.

In 2017 I wrote 175 posts, averaging 3.3 posts a week. In addition I also published 173 pages, consisting of product reviews, random thoughts, and different spins on existing topics. Pages are public, they just don’t hit the homepage or got out in my feeds. Finally, I’ve got 36 pending posts in the queue waiting to be unleashed. All in, I averaged 7.3 posts a week.

My goal was to do as much as possible before our baby was born to buy time in the future to take care of him. Even though I don’t have a day job, writing a comprehensive article is easier said than done. And if you think it’s easy, I’d love for you to write me one that’s fully edited and ready to go. Further, the average stay at home parent spends 97 hours a week taking care of their little one!

Here are the most popular posts written in 2017 by traffic and some of the the most popular posts by traffic regardless of when they were written. My #1 goal is to help readers reach financial independence sooner, rather than later. Every single post was written based on first-hand experience because money is too important to be left up to pontification.

Overall, Financial Samurai received about 12 million unique visitors in 2017, which is better than a poke in the eye. 25 more years of this and I should be able to reach the entire population of America!

Most Popular Posts Written In 2017


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10 Most Popular Posts In 2017 Written At Any Time

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A Slingshot Into The Future

I’m proud of the quantity, quality, and variety of posts published in 2017. My goal as always is to keep things fresh and interesting. I would die of boredom if I had to focus only on one subject. Life is full of different challenges, and my goal was to address as many of them as possible.

Who knows how long my creativity will last. I’m well aware that like the body, the mind will slow down. But in the meantime, I will continue writing about meaningful topics that affect all our lives. Feel free to mention any particular topics you’d like me to address in the future and any particular posts that stood out.

Up next will be my 4Q2017 investment review and my year in review post highlighting what went well and all the areas for improvement.

Thanks for reading and sharing my work. Besides bookmarking, you can keep in touch by subscribing to my posts via e-mail, my private newsletter, and my iTunes channel.

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