Caring For Your New Car

How To Care For Your New Car

Purchasing your new carCongratulations, if you are reading this then chances are you have been approved for a new car loan. Buying a new car can be one of the biggest investments made next to home ownership. Wether you are fresh out of college and buying your first vehicle, or you’re retired and enjoying the freedom that comes with it, owning a new car is an exciting experience. The following itemized list are merely some suggestions from us to you. The goal with any new vehicle should be to care for it for the duration of ownership and retain value for resale.

Regular engine maintenance

Caring for and maintaining your engine health should be a major priority for any car owner. Regular oil changes as recommended by the dealership and/or the car manufacturer will help to keep the warranty in place. Most vehicles also have milestone maintenance points. Depending on the make and model of the car, this could be a 10,000 mile servicing that could include belt changes, spark plugs, fluid refills, filter replacements, and more. Maintenance best practices as recommended by the dealership / or manufacturer are recommended.

TIRE ROTATION and break maintenance

Proper tire rotation and break maintenance will increase the life span of your tires. Rotation, balance, and maintaining air tire rotationpressure are all important parts of keeping your tires from wearing unevenly and maintaining consistent tread lines. Rotating tires on new cars should be something that everyone makes a habit of, but when to do it is dependent on how frequently the car is driven, how hard it is driven, the terrain it is driven on, and so on. You can usually get a pretty good idea if you just pay attention and look at your tires on occasion.

Interior and Exterior Maintenance

Caring for your vehicles engine is only half of the maintenance concern for new car owners. Keeping the interior and exterior clean, free of damage, and in pristine condition should be a priority as well. Car DetailingThere are car detailing companies┬áthat exist that provide full service exterior and interior detailing services. This could be anything from a wash and a wax, to interior vacuuming and Armor All waxing. Interior leather care should also be considered for vehicles with leather seats. In climates that are extremely hot during the summer, extra attention should be taken when caring for both interior and exterior surfaces on your vehicle. Car detailing can not only prolong the life of your vehicle, but it can help retain resell value when it’s time to sell.