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Common Signs When You Need A Root Canal

A dental health is very much essential to fight against the bacteria and germs. As you may know, decaying of teeth can lead to several issues. It can provide access to bacteria and germs in your natural tooth. But this can be stopped with the help of the root canal. The root canal is one of the most common procedures done by the dentist to save the natural tooth from infections due to bacteria and germs. If you are looking for a proper root canal in Oklahoma City, then you have to look for an experienced and professional dentist.

What is root canal?

Root canal treatment is specially designed for eliminating the bacteria from the infected teeth. In this case, the infected pulp of the tooth is extracted which can eliminate the infection. It is then sealed with a substance so that the bacteria or germs cannot infect there again. This provides complete protection to the teeth from the future microbial invasions. But do you know when and why you need a root canal?

Signs that you need root canal

There are some signs that you need to notice carefully to understand whether or not you will need root canal. These are:

1.Cracked or chipped tooth

If you have chipped tooth or cracked tooth, then you can face a problem of germ infestation. Cracked or chipped tooth can cause due to eating hard foods. But this can expose the nerves that are beneath the surface of your tooth. This can lead to infections. You will need a root canal here.

2.Sensitivity to cold or hot

Another very common sign of whether you need the root canal or not is the tooth sensitivity. If you feel an aching sensation when you drink something hot or cold, then there is a problem. The only solution to this problem is the root canal.

3.Swollen gum area

One more common sign of your teeth being weak is the swollen gums. In this case, you must know that there is a problem beneath the surface. If you are having swollen gums and a lot of pain, then it is important to visit your dentist as soon as possible. Most probably, you will need root canal here.

4.Decaying of tooth

Another sign when you must get the root canal done is deep decaying. Once the decaying has set, it will slowly become deep. Then, no amount of flossing, mouth washing and brushing can cure it. You will need to choose root canal.


So, if you are facing any of these above signs, you will need to contact the best dentist in Oklahoma City, OK to get the root canal done. Do not panic as your dentist will first diagnose the issue completely and then he/she will suggest you to get it done. This can help to seal the teeth by extracting the infected pulp so that you neither get hurt nor does it get worse further. Make sure to choose the right and the best dentist for this.

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