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How Useful Are Dental Crowns?

In simple words, dental crowns can be explained as a “cap” like structure which is shaped as per your tooth. It is cemented into placed by the OKC dentist over the tooth in question in order to strengthen, shape and resize the tooth and also improve the overall appearance of your mouth/smile. The procedure to place dental crown is quick and easy and the procedure comes with many different features.

However, there are many how do not want to take into consideration dental crowns as an option or think that the procedure is too costly. Here it should be mentioned that a correctly fitted crown will last for many years to come. So, it is in a way an investment which will take care of your already affected tooth.

Besides, there are many reasons why dental crowns are useful and some of them have been mentioned next for your better understanding:

Provides the needed protection

In many cases, it is seen that a damaged tooth needs more support even after a filling, especially when a lot of tooth is not left. In such cases, dental crowns are used to cover the tooth to provide the needed support. In fact, it can provide more support than filling as it surrounds the complete left-over tooth, and provide the necessary strength to put pressure on that tooth while biting or chewing as before.

Dental crowns can even provide protection to any weak or decayed tooth and prevent it from breaking by holding the cracked tooth together in place. It’s ability to do so, has also made dental crown recommendable for restoration of worn down and/or broken tooth.

Here it also should be mentioned that as it can provide such protection, in many cases, a dental crown procedure is followed after any critical root canal and/or dental implant procedure.

Improves appearance and confidence

Dental crown can restore the affected tooth to its original size, shape and even color. As it can cover the discoloration of your tooth, it is able to provide an improved look to your mouth/smile. Besides, it can even fix gaps between teeth, attach bridges, position teeth and correct minor rotations. So, with the new found improved strength and appearance, patients are seen to interact better with people and their food. Thus, in many cases, dental crowns have improved the patient’s confidence. In fact, for this very reason it is now used by many to make a cosmetic modification.

Delaying further damage

Because of the advantages that a successful dental crown procedure can provide, it is extensively used to delay any further damage to a tooth. Thus, dental crown has become a must for both adults and kids when filling and/or proper dental care/procedure is not ideal. So, if the tooth cannot support a filling, then OKC dental crown can provide the needed support and strength. On the other, if you or your child cannot opt for general anaesthesia needed for a certain dental procedure because of any medical history etc., then in such a case, dental crown can be used to prevent the tooth from further decay.

These were just some of the reasons why dental crowns are useful and why you should consider this to get rid of any oral health issue that you might be facing. Dental crowns are available in different types which can suit all needs and preferences of the patients and provide the mentioned advantages.

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