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How Useful Are Dental Crowns?

In simple words, dental crowns can be explained as a “cap” like structure which is shaped as per your tooth. It is cemented into placed by the OKC dentist over the tooth in question in order to strengthen, shape and resize the tooth and also improve the overall appearance of your mouth/smile. The procedure to place dental crown is quick and easy and the procedure comes with many different features.

However, there are many how do not want to take into consideration dental crowns as an option or think that the procedure is too costly. Here it should be mentioned that a correctly fitted crown will last for many years to come. So, it is in a way an investment which will take care of your already affected tooth.

Besides, there are many reasons why dental crowns are useful and some of them have been mentioned next for your better understanding:

Provides the needed protection

In many cases, it is seen that a damaged tooth needs more support even after a filling, especially when a lot of tooth is not left. In such cases, dental crowns are used to cover the tooth to provide the needed support. In fact, it can provide more support than filling as it surrounds the complete left-over tooth, and provide the necessary strength to put pressure on that tooth while biting or chewing as before.

Dental crowns can even provide protection to any weak or decayed tooth and prevent it from breaking by holding the cracked tooth together in place. It’s ability to do so, has also made dental crown recommendable for restoration of worn down and/or broken tooth.

Here it also should be mentioned that as it can provide such protection, in many cases, a dental crown procedure is followed after any critical root canal and/or dental implant procedure.

Improves appearance and confidence

Dental crown can restore the affected tooth to its original size, shape and even color. As it can cover the discoloration of your tooth, it is able to provide an improved look to your mouth/smile. Besides, it can even fix gaps between teeth, attach bridges, position teeth and correct minor rotations. So, with the new found improved strength and appearance, patients are seen to interact better with people and their food. Thus, in many cases, dental crowns have improved the patient’s confidence. In fact, for this very reason it is now used by many to make a cosmetic modification.

Delaying further damage

Because of the advantages that a successful dental crown procedure can provide, it is extensively used to delay any further damage to a tooth. Thus, dental crown has become a must for both adults and kids when filling and/or proper dental care/procedure is not ideal. So, if the tooth cannot support a filling, then OKC dental crown can provide the needed support and strength. On the other, if you or your child cannot opt for general anaesthesia needed for a certain dental procedure because of any medical history etc., then in such a case, dental crown can be used to prevent the tooth from further decay.

These were just some of the reasons why dental crowns are useful and why you should consider this to get rid of any oral health issue that you might be facing. Dental crowns are available in different types which can suit all needs and preferences of the patients and provide the mentioned advantages.

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Details About Teeth Whitening: What Is The Exact Procedure?

Everyone loves and appreciates a beautiful smile. If you think that your teeth are a bit yellowish and you want a whiter smile, then this procedure will definitely help. Brighter and whiter smile can give you more confidence and it can also create a great impression. Well, teeth can turn yellow due to several reasons.i it can be because of the exposure to the acidic drinks and foods and even because of aging. Discoloration can also happen due to tobacco, smoking and not taking good care of the teeth. The enamel of your teeth get discolored when it comes in contact with some foods or drinks. Nowadays, you can go to the doctor and get the teeth whitening done to make your teeth distinctively whiter and better.

How does teeth whitening work?

This procedure is actually quite simple and it helps in changing the color of the teeth from the inside out. It helps to remove stains on your teeth. There are two types of processes:

 Intrinsic whitening

The intrinsic whitening is referred to whitening of the inner part of the tooth i.e. the dentin. This part soaks the whitening gel which is the hydrogen peroxide gel and becomes lighter and whiter. This process helps in protecting the teeth from accelerated or premature aging. Along with this, you need to improve this condition by making simple changes to your lifestyle. You have to stay hydrated by reducing the risk of cavities and preventing acid wear.

Extrinsic Whitening

This process helps in removing the stains on your enamel i.e. the outer part of your tooth. The extrinsic whitening process of your teeth can remove all the stains that are left behind on your teeth. These stains can be due to drinking tea, coffee or wine or even due to smoking. All these stains can be removed by polishing the outer layer.

Things to know before the process

There are many dental problems that can directly affect the end result or success of teeth whitening OKC. For example, if you have cavities then you need to treat your teeth in the right way. This is because the whitening solution can easily pass through those decaying or decayed areas. Hence, these solutions can reach the inner parts of your teeth causing more problems. When the roots of your teeth are exposed, this process may not work as it supposed too. The whitening procedure can make your teeth sensitive if you have receding gums or decaying tooth. Also, if you have crowns installed, the whitening will not work on those porcelain or ceramic crowns.


Though the teeth whitening procedure doesn’t come with any serious side effects, you need to consult a dentist about the potential problems. Everyone’s teeth are different and there can be some underlying problems that you may not know about. When you think that your teeth need a whitening procedure, consult with one of the best dentist in Oklahoma City with great experience in this field. This procedure needs pre and post care. So, you must look for the best dentist for discussing the procedure with him/her.

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Advantages Of Root Canal Treatment

If you are from Oklahoma City and surrounding areas and are keen on getting to know more about root canal treatment for your teeth, then you are in the right place. We will be sharing some useful and pertinent information about this form of dental treatment and the reasons why it is quite popular amongst thousands of people in your city and also millions across the country and other parts of the world. So, we will get started by understanding as to what exactly root canal treatment is all about? This is basically a treatment sequence which is aimed at cleaning and healing an infected pulp within a tooth. The process is about eliminating the infection and also having a protective layer around it so that future infections and complications can be ruled out. Let us try and list down a few obvious advantages of root canal treatment.

 Saving The Natural Tooth

 Though there could be many clinical reasons for going in for root canal treatment, there is one big reason which towers over the rest. Yes, it is the benefit of being able to save natural teeth. When you choose a good OKC dental surgeon and go in for endodontic treatment, you will be able to save your natural tooth. You will also be able to wear that beautiful smile of yours. Further, you can also continue to eat the food that you love. If you take proper care, it is quite possible that one root canal treatment could help keep your tooth in good condition for the rest of your life.

 It Is Pain-Free

 With technology being what it is today, there is no doubt that root canal treatment is as painless as one can expect it to be. Compared to other methods of treatments, the recovery process is also quite comfortable. This again compares well with other methods of extracting your damaged or infected tooth.  There are effective local anesthesia techniques which also go a long way in making the whole process painless. This is one of the main reasons for the ever-growing popularity of root canal treatments in Oklahoma City.

 Cost Effective & Efficient

 When compared to root canal treatment, tooth extraction can take much longer time. You also need to follow up appointments for denture, implants or bridges, and much more. All these while making it less efficient in terms of time, also push the cost quite significantly. However, this is not the case with root canal treatment because it is efficient and cost-effective. Further, most insurance companies do cover endodontic treatments.

 End Results Are Visually Appealing

 When you follow up the root canal with the right crowning and bridging, the end results are quite impressive. You will end up having a tooth that will look as good as the original. Further, it will go a long way in improving your overall smile and you need to be careful and cover your face with your hand as you laugh amongst friends and others.


 When one takes into account the above factors, it is quite obvious there are many reasons to believe that there are unmistakable advantages and benefits associated with root canal treatment.

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